Posted on January 14, 2019

“I’ve had a look at the website and must say its very easy to navigate, and gives a lot of info out. I used it to check the availability of TN’s in my own area (for the lady I told you about) and have now located 2 that cover the wider area she lives in – one of which will include her own local newspaper, but it is still a little behind the times, distributing their copy by cassette. I will be passing them on when I get back. I also explored the links and have found out a bit more about macular degeneration which was interesting as one of our friends out here unfortunately suffers from it and has to undergo injections into each eyeball on a regular basis (currently monthly!). Had a go at the quiz on the latest edition as well, could answer a number of them but was caught out by one or two. It seems very easy to listen to as the presenters have good clear voices and projection. My congratulations to all of your team.”

Tony Parkinson, Yorkshire 14/01/19


Posted on April 12, 2014 :

I enjoy listening….

To everyone at No.5,

Just to thank you for sending my memory stick each week. I enjoy listening to them especially the articles about famous and local people. A small donation.

With my thanks,
Doris Mound.

Posted on September 12, 2013

ESTN: a thoroughly enjoyable edition

Dear Robert,

I expect you will think not her again when you see my name at the bottom!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week’s edition of ESTN that I am writing to explain my reasons.

Sandra and Paul Eddington Vaughan made an excellent job of editing the news. Their extracts were informative and concise and good to hear some letters.

David Gregory, as usual with his walks, gave us an enjoyable description of his walk along the river. It is good of him to give up his time and for yourself for adding the music which completes the walk.

Last but not least, thanks go to your volunteer readers and sound recordists. Without these we would not have an edition.

Many thanks
Janet Mitchell

Posted on September 12, 2013 :

Thanks for all you do

To Everyone at ESTN, Thanks for all you do for us.
Please accept this small gift [….]

My very best wishes
Marjorie White

Posted on July 12, 2013 :

Outstanding hospitality on the canal trip with Wellington Rotary Club

Dear Robert,

Thank you all very much for organizing the canal trip with the Wellington Rotary Club. Special thanks to yourself, Colin and Peter for looking after us for the day. The hospitality was outstanding.

The weather was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I am sure that everyone on the trip would agree with me.

Many thanks again. Will put my name down for next year!

Yours sincerely,
Janet and Whitney

Posted on June 12, 2013 :

The new box is simply wonderful….

Dear Mr Green,

First of all may I say a very big thank you to you for all your help with the problems I have had with the recent memory sticks. I also appreciate your time in talking Reg through the various stages on the computer in order to try and find out why the memory stick would not play all the way through.

The new box is simply wonderful and works extremely well, and is certainly an improvement on the previous box but of course I was very happy with it until the newer improved version came along!

Please do apologise to Mrs Green for the many phone calls she had to answer from me!

I would like to make a small contribution to ESTN and enclose a cheque from Reg and myself. I really do appreciate the great job that you all do in giving up your free time in order to help us so much. I find the articles from the RNIB very good and most useful as well.

Thank you once again

Your sincerely,
Jan Knowles





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