Welcome to the East Shropshire Talking Newspaper for the Blind (ESTN).

The East Shropshire Talking Newspaper For The Blind (ESTN) is based in Ketley and provides a FREE weekly USB memory stick of local news and features including items from the local press and other publications, such as Shropshire Magazine and Infosound, alongside items produced inhouse by the ESTN team; covering a wide range of subjects and matters of interest.

Can You Help ?

Do you know someone who has any form of sight impairment ?

If you feel you can help, either by joining us, or by raising awareness, please download our ESTN Awareness-Appeal Sheet or visit our Become A Volunteer page on our website. Many thanks for spreading the word.


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Latest Issue of East Shropshire Talking Newspaper

Click here to listen to the Latest Issue of East Shropshire Talking Newspaper

There are several tracks on our recording and each is introduced by our Presenter.

Use of the Track Buttons on the Player makes it easy to dodge forwards and backwards in order to listen to your personal choices from our News and Features.

You can also listen by Telephone,
(from either your Landline or Mobile), by calling :

0330 22 33 452

Please note, these calls are chargeable, but will not cost any more than a standard rate call, and some phone providers offer free calls to 0330 numbers as part of some of their packages. For specific information on costs from your chosen tariff, please contact your own phone provider.

General Government information on call charges can be found at :



We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing help given by the following organisations, without which we could not operate.

– The Midland News Association at Ketley; for our accommodation, the complimentary papers they supply, and for their ongoing permission to read items from their publications which are :

  • Telford and Bridgnorth Journals
  • Market Drayton and Newport Advertisers
  • Shropshire Star

– Royal Mail; who collect and deliver the Pouches for our listeners free of charge each week.

– Editors of other publications from which we read; for their permission to do so.





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