ESTN Interim Service – With Effect From 19th March 2020 – (Due To The Corona Virus Infection)



In order to protect our volunteers and listeners, we have taken the reluctant decision to suspend Studio Recording and Postal Distribution of Memory Sticks to our registered subscribers, until the current national situation and restrictions brought about by the Corona Virus come to an end.

It is however our intention to remotely record shortened ‘interim’ issues of ESTN on an ‘ad-hoc’ and ‘as and when possible’ basis.

These will comprise of any items which we can source or produce without the need to meet in person or incur unnecessary travel as per government guidelines; and will be available on-line as usual by going to our Home page and selecting the link within “Click here to listen to the Latest Issue of East Shropshire Talking Newspaper”.

We are however mindful that many of our registered subscribers do not have internet access, and as such we are pleased to announce that we have agreed with Talking Newspaper Services to utilise their ‘listen by telephone’ service, using which our recording can be heard simply by calling a landline telephone number, which we hope will be available from Week Commencing Monday 23rd March 2020.
The Telephone Number for this service will be 0330 22 33 452.

We are also monitoring the activities of other Talking Newspapers, and will seek to adopt what we consider to be best practices from this, and of course openly offer our help in a reciprocal fashion to all our colleagues in the National Talking Newspaper Community.

We will do our best to provide information and updates on the situation as a whole, and in addition we hope to include content on other subjects as normal; however we would like to remind everyone that ESTN (as with any Talking Newspaper) is not a ‘prime source’ of live/up to date news. We purely endeavour to reflect what is included in the print media within our locality, in order to level the playing field as much as possible for those who have difficulty reading printed publications. To this end, we advise that the latest situation and advice re the Corona Virus should always be obtained primarily from Government web sites and from local/national television and radio. The following radio stations cover our catchment area :

BBC Radio Shropshire – available via 96.0FM/90.0FM/95.0FM/104.1FM (depending on your area), DAB, or on-line at :

Free Radio Shropshire – available via 103.1FM/97.2FM, DAB; or on-line at :

We thank you for your understanding at this extremely difficult time for us all.

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